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How To Loose Fat, Not Just Weight

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Ever wondered why that extra padding around your tummy, butt or legs never seem to disappear? After all, you’re hitting the gym several times a week, run for 30 minutes or more and then on to weight lifting? Isn’t it annoying how that extra pound just hangs around and never leaves?

A small change to your workout routine

A small change to your regular workout routine is all that’s needed to melt your body fat, even long after your workout while laying in your couch at home watching Desperate Housewives. It’s true.
High Intensity Interval Training is a workout method that literally shocks your body’s system. It’s like telling it “Hey, wake up and burn some of that nasty fat!”

Next time you’re on the treadmill, take a few deep breaths and pump up that speed (slowly, you still need at least 3 minutes warm up) and really force yourself to the limit. Go all the way for as long as you possibly can. Start with 5 minutes if you get exhausted, then increase slowly to 20 minutes then a half hour. Then add another five of minutes. You will feel totally exhausted, empty, done…. That’s what you want to get results.

Recovery period that burn fat

Now your body will go through a recovery phase that is much longer than usual, called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, by which oxygen is pumped through your system to recover from the kick ass workout you gave it and calories are burned during this process. Yes, even while you’re resting!

Keep in mind, I’m talking about a real “to-the-limit” exercise, but if you’re willing to tackle it, you will loose that extra pound and much faster than doing your regular workout schedule.

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