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Stop And Cure Erectile Dysfunction Without Drugs

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Treat Erectile Dysfunction

ED gets rarely discussed

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a common problem among men, young and old and there are many ways to stop or even cure it. However, discussing the issue and possible ways to cure erectile dysfunction are two entirely different issues and are not common among men. The topic doesn’t whip guys into the same verbal frenzy as cars, sports or beer do.

The number of men suffering erectile dysfunction changes depending on who you ask, but roughly 15 million men suffer recurring penile issues in the U.S. Based on Viagra sales in the U.K. and the U.S., that number seems low. Bear in mind, however, that solutions to stop erectile dysfunction goes beyond those little blue pills.

Most often, failing to rise to the occasion is a psychological thing. That’s right, men: Just like women, our heads (both of them) have to be in the game if we are aiming to reach the finish line.

Realizing that fact alone is half the battle. Here are some tip and ways to overcome erectile dysfunction:

Relax, relax, relax

Relieving stress is among the best ways to stop erectile dysfunction. If you work long hours, have kids or otherwise spend most of your days stressed, your pecker performance will reflect that. The older you are, the more your time becomes strained, so the 35-plus crowd should listen to their lover when she suggests a weekend getaway or a nice dinner beforehand. You will need to unwind before you turn your lady into a freak between the sheets, and the relaxation will enhance your focus as you aim for climax.

Don’t worry so much

All things considered, you just have to relax and stop worrying about your coming adventure. The less you stress, the easier it will be to stay hard. An active lifestyle with lots of exercise and a healthy diet go a long way to combat stress and support the physical strength of your equipment. So go on, hit the gym and leave your worries and stress behind.

Communicate with your partner

Learn to have an open and honest communication with your partner. If she can accept the nature of your problem, it’s like taking a big weight off your shoulders. And she knows to give you some time and understanding if things are drifting in the wrong direction. Here is a tip – Tell your partner to play a game, in which she has to avoid you from getting hard. You’ll be surprised, if the goal is to NOT getting hard, how quickly you’ll be ready.

Play a little dirty

Of course, some men experience ED because of sheer sexual overexposure. Be it ogling too many men’s magazines, staring at too much yoga ass in the gym or checking out the cleavage- and thigh-baring ladies in the office, your day could be spent at half-mast, meaning your ship is moored when it matters. This is when you fight fire with fire, if your partner is up for it (and she usually is, if presented right), put on the soft porn. It may take some delicate maneuvering, because most women don’t want to know about your old collection of  Asian Backdoor to Cream Pies. Unless you know she’s into it, don’t break out the really naughty stuff. The stories will make her giggle, and the dirty scenes will give her ideas–and you’ll be turned on when she decides to try them out.

Focus on your women

Younger men who have been raised up watching MTV, texting and living on the internet also need help with ways to stop erectile dysfunction. Their attention spans are shot by recent technological advancements, meaning modern up-and-not-so-coming twentysomethings can fall flat well before they hit that perfect note. Dudes, homies, broskies: sex ain’t a dart game, where quick, straight-down-the-middle strokes spell victory. It’s more like pool, where being smooth and being aware of positioning and angles earns the winning shot.

Be creative

Sometimes, one of the best of ways to stop erectile dysfunction is taking the focus off of yourself. If you sense your tool running low on batteries, recharge it by spending some time kissing her along her whole body and spend some time between her thighs. Put her hands in your hair as yours massage her hips, legs and everywhere else. The tactile sensation of her skin on your fingertips, the hair tousling and the sounds of her moaning will bring you back to full attention in no time.

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