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Song Lyrics & Quotes For Facebook Status

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Expressing your present mood in your Facebook status message is a cool thing and can often be reflected by the songs you’re listening to. So why not use your favorite song lyrics and quotes for your Facebook status?

After all, our personal mood and the songs we listen to at that time usually go hand in hand and music lyrics are mental clouds we all ride on. Happy, sad, scared or enthusiastic, let the world know how you feel. So here is a list of cool song lyrics and quotes for your Facebook status message.

Jay Z – D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune)

Jay Z is clearly fed up with mediocre talent moving up in the industry, just because of  the so called “auto-tune” , he declares war to it. Right at the beginning Jay Z sings, I know we facing a recession, but the music ya’ll making going make it the great depression. Wake up you dude’s in the music industry, and start supporting the real talent for once again.

Coldplay – Yellow

The song goes, I drew a line, I drew a line for you, what a thing to do, it was all yellow. Emotional Facebook status message if there is someone that you love and takes you for granted. It’s a beautiful love song, with just enough rocky bits and it speaks of profound, unconditional love a guy has for his lover. What a great quote for Facebook status.

Lil Wayne – Gossip

People always talk about Lil Wayne and that is for a reason. In his song he sings: Drag my name through the mud, I come out clean. That line reflects his attitude and self confidence. After all, what’s more attractive than a person with a humble self confidence expressed in status message on Facebook. What else is there to say, can’t get much better than that.

Kanye West – Stronger

Kanye sings That don’t kill me, can only make me stronger. A clear message that you’re one that can take a down day and the positive away from it. Retrieved from the song “Stronger”, it is one of the best rap lyrics to use as a Facebook status because it’s clear and with an attitude. Kanye took a classic line and turned it into a rap lyric that everyone can relate to.

One Republic – Apologize

The lyrics in this song goes, I need you like a heart needs a beat, but its nothing new, I loved you with a fire red, but now its turnin blue. A girl and him have been going through a rough time and he knows he needs her but he also knows that he doesnt deserve her crap but in the end he will be pulled back to her again. This is a status on Facebook for one that has been wronged by a lover and just wants to put their broken heart out for all to see. Resource: Lyrics

Tupac – Keep Ya Head Up

Keep ya head up, child things are gonna get easier, child things are gonna get brighter. These lyrics are a great Facebook status message because they are positive and encouraging, uplifting and speak volumes when you want to spread some positive energy among your Facebook friends.

Drake – Forever

What do you expect when four dope rappers get together? The song lyrics in this song are for those that you would put to say “Look at me now.” In this song Drake says, Everybody who doubted me is asking for forgiveness, if you aint been a part of it, at least you got to witness. Resource: Songlyrics.

Jason Mraz – Curbside Profit

The song was written with mraz’s friend bushwalla, who does crazy eclectic music, hence the funkiness in the song. The lyrics of this song goes, I’m just a curbside prophet, with my hand in my pocket, and I’m waiting for my rocket to come. This is an great way to show your current mood or status on Facebook because it almost is a way of stating that you are just chilling and waiting for your time to shine or your rocket in this case.

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