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2 Player Drinking Games

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Drinking games

These drinking games are not for the boys night out or a wild Superbowl extension, but rather for a funny evening with your date or save a boring evening with your roommate and they will be sure to keep both the entertainment and booze flowing. Especially with the right people, drinking games can be very exciting.

So get your favorite beverage, a comfy seat, your favorite music, a fun partner and prepare yourself to drink up.


Setup a Backgammon board with shot glasses, preferably different colors for each player. A match of “rock, paper, scissors” determines who starts. As you kill the opponents stone, or shot-glass in this instance, he needs to drink it. The one with none left looses the game.

Ultimate Beer Pong

This drinking game is best played with 2 to 4 players. You will need 12 cups of beer (6 for each player), two ping pong balls and a table that can get very wet. Arrange the cups of beer on the edges of the table, much like you would by setting up bowling pins. One row of six cups per player. Each player takes a turn, trying to get the ping pong balls into the other player’s cups. If he/she succeeds the player next in line must drink that cup. Keep playing until one is able to hit every cup on the other side of the table, or as long as you can sit straight.

Drink Or Dare

Between the two of you, one starts by asking to drink (1 glass of beer or Tequila shot) or dare, in risk to remove one piece of clothing. The player can either drink or dare, but if the player commits to dare and then refuses the task, he/she has to drink 2 times the amount.

Pink McDrink

Pink McDrink uses three dice, one pink and two white. The first player rolls the pink die, followed by both players rolling their white dice simultaneously. If one die matches the pink one, he/she gives a drink to the other player, but if the sum of the two white dice equals seven, both players take a drink. If both players roll the same number, a quick match of “rock, paper, scissors” determines the winner. If all three dice match, whoever grabs the pink one first is allowed to roll, forcing their opponent to drink the rolled amount.

Chug Of War

Chug of War uses one deck of cards and beer. Pick seven cards from the deck and place them in a vertical line between the two of you. Ideally, 3 cards are above 8, 3 cards are below 8, and one is the number 8 to keep things fair. Each player takes turns guessing if the next card from the deck is higher or lower than the card facing up. If correct, he gets to move the stack of cards one card towards him. If incorrect, he moves the stack one card away from him. If the same card is pulled, he must move the stack away one card and drink a cup of beer and the new card from the deck is placed on the stack and the game repeats. The first person to get the stack past their last card wins.

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