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Profit from triangle chart pattern formations

triangle chart pattern
Simple, easy profit from triangle formations

Triangles accommodate one of the most useful and easy to execute price pattern formations. An traditional triangle pattern as well referred to as a wedge or pennant is a worthful signal prior to a relatively predictable price difference. The odds favor a strong directional move from a breakout of a triangle pattern, particularly in a continuation breakout of the prevailing trend. Continuation patterns hint that the temporary pause in directional price movements is just that only a temporary pause.

Overview of triangle patterns

When the top and bottom trendlines form a triangle a worthful sign is formed, ...

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Becoming A Hedge Fund Manager Is Not Easy

Being active as a hedge fund manager has its perks, if you are successful. The King of the Hedgies is recently John Paulson who raked in 1bn per year by shorting the sub prime markets and others. The million dollar question is: Can you do it?

The answer to that question is not an easy one. Just like it is possible for everyone to be a sports star. If you have the right physical capacity, the mental toughness and the commitment you can get to the top of your game, and of course, there is an element of fortune in everything ...

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Effective Wealth Management Can Make You Richer

Having lots of money is undoubtedly a pleasant thing. You can go travel the world within a day’s notice, buy new stuff all the time, and still have all the time in the world relaxing and not slaving yourself working. But as with anything else in the world, nothing comes excluding consequences. Having a lot of money can as well become problematic, in particular if you don’t know how to ...

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Tax Lien Certificates As Source Of Income

Research your area

Make a list of all the county court houses you’re willing to visit. Get the address, phone number, and website. One resources you can use is the National Association of Counties (NACo) website’s “Find a County” map. NACo is the only national organization that represents county governments in the United States. A comprehensive property tax sale list is one of your most worthful tools when looking for tax lien certificates. ...

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My Story to Recover a Stolen Bike

After reading many success stories about how people recover a stolen bike, I thought I had to share my experience. I’ve read about stories from many different places, most of them around Seattle, Portland, Toronto and of course Los Angeles where I’m from.

My mountain  bike got stolen from the Sherman Oaks Galleria, the wire lock was cut and hanging there by itself. According to the police, the Sherman Oaks Galleria ...

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Are Equity Indexed Annuities a Good Option for Retirement?

Are Annuities right for you?

With the current market turmoil and unparticularty, equity indexed annuities may be a good option for someone nervous about having their retirement savings being exposed to the volatility of the stock market. Equity indexed annuities were introduced in 1995 and have become gradually favorite ever since. Index annuities are underwritten by insurance companies that accommodate a minimum guaranteed return with excess interest crediting based on the ...

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Natural Sunburn Remedies

Summer is around the corner and we at the west coast just had our first warm weekend. Yet my first visit to the beach usually ends not that great for me.

I feel like I have to catch up and get some tan onto my pale skin. So for the first two hours, I don’t want to take any sun screen. That’s just to get started, because when I put on ...

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Is Tequila An Antidepressant

There seems to be a rumor floating around that claims Tequila is good for treating depression, but unfortunately there is no scientific proof to the question: is Tequila an antidepressant or is it a stimulant. In general, all alcoholic beverages are depressants, hence Tequila is no an antidepressant.

There are however a number of natural products and some activities that are antidepressant. So if you’re looking for well being or trying ...

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What to do on Valentines Day with a Date

Your dating someone either just recently or even for a while and Valentines Day comes up. You wonder what’s there do to with a date on Valentines Day? What are some of the Valentines day ideas with a rather fresh relationship.

I mean, it’s a fine line to be walked. Assuming you haven’t exchanged any love words (otherwise you’d not be dating but rather in a relationship), you got to acknowledge ...

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Trading Breakouts

A new chapter of trading the online Forex Market is opened again for more profits as the FX market is getting more complex and intriguing due to the interpretation and implementation of both technical and essential indicators. Technically, the breakout methods seems moderately simple but its simplicity is somehow deceptive because Breakouts are amongst some of the most powerful, most profitable players in existence but 72% of all Breakouts fail ...

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