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Why Men Marry Bitches

Why men marry bitches

You may have heard the saying that nice guys finish last, but what about nice girls? How do they fare, and how are they liked by men?

In an excerpt from the book Why Men Marry Bitches, author Sherry Argov reveals why men actually prefer a confident, secure woman (Argov’s definition of the word bitch) to one who is more passive and lets her man take the reins in every aspect of a relationship.

She surveyed real men, who described to her exactly what their opinion is of a women they meet and date, and it turns out that one who has ...

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How Do You Know He’s In Love With You

Any woman who has spent time with a new guy will attest that men can be quite mysterious, and we have asked us: How do I know he is in love with me? How can I tell he’s into me? Sometimes it’s hard to read a man and we think we know what he’s feeling and then suddenly he’ll do something that suggests otherwise. Part of this process is to understand how men think.

Consider the following scenario. Ever since you met it has been great, however the thought of getting back together with his ex is the furthest thing from his mind. ...

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Why Men Love Bitches

Being a bitch doesn’t mean being rude, hateful, or manipulative. It’s about holding your own and standing up for yourself. These days, it may just be what your relationship, and even your guy need.

So, Why Men Love Bitches?

When Diane, 26, a training specialist, learned that her longtime crush, Mario, 28, hooked up with her office mate Sara, she was perplexed. I don’t know what he sees in her, Diane says. ...

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