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Song Lyrics & Quotes For Facebook Status

Facebook status quote

Expressing your present mood in your Facebook status message is a cool thing and can often be reflected by the songs you’re listening to. So why not use your favorite song lyrics and quotes for your Facebook status?

After all, our personal mood and the songs we listen to at that time usually go hand in hand and music lyrics are mental clouds we all ride on. Happy, sad, scared or enthusiastic, let the world know how you feel. So here is a list of cool song lyrics and quotes for your Facebook status message.

Jay Z – D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune)

Jay ...

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Dress Code Business Casual Or Smart Casual

Smart casual dressing better known as business casual, is usually the preferred dress code, at least for most professional environments like an office, symposiums, academia, trade show and some school activities.

The function of a dress code business casual is to make the person look well groomed, in style and professional, but in a just a bit more relaxed environment. However, keep in mind that when in doubt, the rule is to over dress. There is a fine line to be walked, because you might intimidate people by over dressing too much, or look too average by under dressing.

Dress Code For Men – ...

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Erotic Adult Movies For Women?

Adult movies for women – Really?

Let’s just pretend a scene: A gorgeous, natural blond-haired beauty standing on a ladder painting the walls of their home and marked down with colorful paint. She looks quite helpless. Her long bare legs disappear under a white shirt while painting. The scene begs for one to step up and finally gets his hands-on work started, and we certainly don’t talk about wallpaper.

Help is at hand ...

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Movies To Watch While Stoned

The Best Movies to Watch Stoned Monty Python and the Holy Grail

King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table explore out in search of the holy grail. They pretend to travel on horses and have their servants bang coconuts to make the sound of horse’s hooves.

Through satire of certain events in history like witch trials and the black plague, they find Camelot, but they decide that they do not want ...

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Best Jay Z Quotes

Shawn Corey Carter, famously known by his stage name Jay Z is probably the most successful hip hop businessman of our generation. He was born on December 4th 1969 and grew up in the Marcy Houses projects in Brooklyn.

After he started his professional music career in 1996, he among other rappers formed Rock-a-Fella Records, as no record company would give him a deal. And what happened afterwards you already know.

I’m not ...

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Perfumes That Get You Compliments

Ready to find new perfumes that get you compliments? Eager to try out perfumes that get you noticed? Have you felt that you walk by people without getting noticed, or you are not getting enough attention from your special loved one?

If you’re bored with the current selection of perfumes decorating your bathroom counter, look for some new tastes and get compliments from people you’ve never met before.

A whole new world ...

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Donate Clothes / Household Items For Tax Donation

Making a charitable donation of clothing or household items can be a mutually beneficial act for you and the charitable organization that receives your items. The IRS allows you to deduct the fair market value of your used items if you itemize your deductions on your tax return.

Donating your used goods should get you a larger tax refund. As tax law slightly changed year over year, make sure to take ...

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Cute And Funny Cuddle Quotes

Whether you like to entice the atmosphere when going to bed, or want to break the ice after an erotic session, or simply get some smiles or laughs from your love bird, a funny cuddle quote always comes in handy to warm someones hearth. Imagine her head on his chest, arm over his belly when she looks up and tells him a nice cuddle quote, what could be more romantic.

After ...

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Positive Body Language Tips

 You communicate with your body

Body language is an important aspect of interpersonal communication, in fact, experts agree that most of human communication is based on body language. Facial expressions, hand gestures, vocal tone and eye contact are all part of our daily interaction with people, and often counteract with what we actually speak.

At the same time, being able to read those signals from a conversation partner enables us to detect what ...

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Sexting Tips & Quotes For Your Date

Sexting tips and knowing the best sexting lines may assist you to spice up a fresh date, especially in today’s iPhone and Android age. Sexting has become a common tool among people of all ages and it’s fun and exciting in many aspects. Whether you’re active in school, work or at home, be aware of our sexting tips and that sexting in some places can get you in trouble.

As a ...

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