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Positive Body Language Tips

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 You communicate with your body

Body language is an important aspect of interpersonal communication, in fact, experts agree that most of human communication is based on body language. Facial expressions, hand gestures, vocal tone and eye contact are all part of our daily interaction with people, and often counteract with what we actually speak.

At the same time, being able to read those signals from a conversation partner enables us to detect what a person really means, well beyond his spoken word.

On the other hand, being on top of our own body language during a conversation allows us to be in harmony with what we say and therefore appear more trustworthy and believable.

Let’s look at some positive body language behavior that put us in a positive light.

Maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact during a conversation keeps the other person’s attention to what you say. Shifting your eyes around not only comes across as disrespectful, but your listener will lose interest quickly. In addition, as a listener you likely don’t pay attention of your eyes browsing around and if asked for reciprocation, you’ll end up in an embarrassed situation.

Display good, positive posture

Standing or sitting with a good posture communicates energy and commitment. Avoid leaning against the wall halfway laying in your chair. Also maintain an open posture so that others will find you approachable and friendly. Avoid crossing your arms as it may hint that you like to remain distant from them. Try to imagine yourself on the other end and how you would feel about the other person.

Speak clear and loud

Speaking too softly or even mumbling your sentence signals a lack of confidence, while speaking to loud or aggressive may intimidate your communication partner. In some occasion, it may help to adjust your voice to the level of the person you’re talking to.  in addition, keep the right distance of about 2 to 3 feet between the person you’re talking to.

Stay in sync

It is very important to keep our body language in sync with what we say. Often times were not even aware that we say something positive while shaking our head from right to left, indicating a negative reinforcement. For example, if you want to communicate something serious, maintain a serious facial expression, and something funny should be said with a smile on your face.

Smile during a conversation

Smiling during a conversation at the right moments makes you likable and positive. It’s important to maintain eye contact when you smile at people, so they know it’s pointed at them. In fact, smiling at somebody or something else during a conversation would likely have the opposite effect.

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