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8 Hookup And Dating Tips

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It’s vacation time and so romantic around Santa Clause and Christmas. What better time to go on a date or hookup with some good looking gem across the room.

Dating is combined with lots of excitement, but also some fear. Going into it prepared makes you more secure and self confident, and let’s you enjoy the whole dating process a lot more.

With our tips 8 hookup and dating tips under your belt, go out and have a blast.

Initiate the conversation

I know it takes a bit of guts to walk up and talk you to your crush. But taking that first step makes you so much more attractive. The other person is likely just waiting as well, and hopes you come over to talk. After all, you don’t want to waste your time waiting.

Take a compliment with gratitude

If you get a compliment during a date, it means that he/she likes you. There is the group of people that gently reject or deny a compliment. A lot of us do because we get a little uncomfortable if someone makes a nice remark about out looks or style. We tend to blush and don’t quite know how to respond. It really depends what it’s about and how sensitive one is about it. Then there is the group that accepts it knowingly, usually responding with “I know”. Quite arrogant frankly and a real turn off.

So how should we accept a compliment? The best way is to accept it with a genuine and excited “Thank you”, unless you know it’s clearly not true, In that case simply dismiss it with a “Ah, you’re kidding”.

Learn to say no

Just because you started something doesn’t mean you have to keep going. Seriously, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. If things don’t work out or you feel uncomfortable, just say no, with or without explanation.

Don’t play games

Just be open and honest and don’t pretend to be someone else. If there are things you’re uncomfortable talking about, then don’t. You can always say so. Think about in advance that your date might become more serious, and having to explain why you lied, or behaved that one is no fun. Be yourself and offer what you are willing to give, nothing else.

Don’t forget to flirt

Especially when we feel nervous and insecure, we tend to close up and talk about the weather when we should let loose and find out what this person next the you is all about. Flirt with your date, make subtle but honest compliments and use tools such a texting and sending pics. They loosen up the atmosphere and are food for laughs and giggles.

Kiss, kiss and kiss

Yes, a good kiss makes you feel light headed, passionate, loving and let’s you forget all the negative in the world. Don’t think too much and make out, it’s the best part about dating and you will find out if you got chemistry. If you’re planning on more than just make out, make sure you’ve birth control with you.

Be discreet

It doesn’t mean you can’t tell your friends about that hot date you had last night, but don’t tell everyone the details. It keeps a relationship more erotic and passionate if only the two of you know the intimates. In addition, that information you spill might come around and bite you.


Enjoy your time on a date, it’s what it is all about. Having fun getting to know someone special, tell them about yourself and find out what you’ve got in common. If you’re on the 3rd or 4th date and you find that you’re not really having fun, it’s probably time to move on.

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