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3 Tips For Returning Gifts

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Holiday Gift Returns

Returning gifts is mostly an unpleasant subject, because we don’t want to offend the person who gave it to us. But chances are big that the taste is just different, the size doesn’t match or we already have the same or a similar product.

Lots of givers are anticipating this and request a “gift receipt” when they buy the goods. Giving a gift receipt allows the recipient to return the item and exchange it for something else without hassle. But what if you’ve got a gift without receipt and you really don’t want the giver to know you returned it?

Here are 3 essential tips for returning gifts in various situations.

Hot to return a new item without receipt

Ask for cash first

If your gift is still wrapped in its new condition, you have a good chance to get cash. Cash should be your primary objective first, so you should have a reason handy for the customer rep that may ask you why you want to return it. If you say the size won’t fit, they may have another size at the store, hence not a good reason. But if you say that you already have that item, there is not much discussion. So be prepared.

Ask for gift card

If your quest for cash didn’t go well, as for a gift card. This is the second best choice because you can give the card as a gift, trade it in at one of the online sites, like Cardpool that give you anywhere from 50% to 80% of the card balance in cash, or you can just use it at a later time.

Ask for store credit

The last option is to ask for store credit. At least you won’t be stuck with an item you don’t want, but are bound to the store to use the credit and it’s often tied with a deadline for using it.

How to return an opened gift with receipt

Ask for a full cash refund

If you have a receipt and are within the return policy time frame, you should be able to get cash for your return. Make sure you keep the original packaging and keep everything in good shape. If stuff is missing, beat up or outright damaged, you’re more likely to encounter problems.

Compare restocking fee for what you could get from eBay

If a full refund did not materialize, store sometime offer refunds with a restocking fee deducted. Ask how much that will be, then compare the same item in the same condition on ebay. Choose the one where you’ll get more, but remember that eBay charges selling and payment fees.

How to return an opened gift without receipt

Be honest and upfront

With an opened item without receipt, the store won’t even know whether the item was purchased at their store or not. For all they know, it could have been stolen. So your best be it to be honest and upfront. The chance of getting cash is slim to non existent, so aim for a gift card or store credit. Sometimes you’ll get rather rude and unfriendly responses from customer reps. In that case, you could buy the exact same item once more, for which you will get a receipt. Then return the opened item with that receipt. Now you’re left with a new, unopened item that you can try to return again (at a different location probably), or you can sell it on eBay. Not the most honorable way of returning a product, but there are some stores that deserve no better.

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