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How To Make A Skinny Mocha Latte

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Are you a coffee addict like me that needs at least 3 runs per day to your favorite coffee shop,  just to stay alive? Yes, I’ve been a slave to coffee addiction for as long as I can think back, and I just love my white foamed, heavenly smelling cup of coffee.

The only part about my daily routing that has changed is that I replaced the trip to Starbucks with a trip to my coffee machine in my kitchen. And I’ve been rewarded with an even better tasting brew while saving a ton of cash. Now you say, “I’m not craving a regular drip, I need a real latte!”.

Don’t fret, just bare with me and I promise you heaven in coffee land. Here are the four steps to a delicious cappuccino or coffee latte.

The Right Coffee machine

First off, you will need a coffee machine. No Panic! You can get started with a simple, small yet very capable espresso machine for around 40 bucks. I really like the Mr. Coffee Steam Espresso Maker as this one also provides the steam for that delicious milky foam. And for that part you probably also want to get a Stainless-Steel Milk Frothing Pitcher.

Choose Coffee beans

Now the only part missing is the coffee beans itself. And opinions differ greatly in that department, so I give you my take on it and encourage you to play and vary until you find your own favorite.

The most touted coffee brand is Scuro from Illy and you’re looking at around $15 per 100 grams. But my favorite coffee which I’m drinking for year is Lavazza Qualita Oro Espresso. Like Illy, both come ground and vacuum sealed in a can, so they keep their flavor and you don’t have to grind the beans. And you can get the Lavazza for about half the price.

Brew the perfect coffee latte

Ok, you’re equipped and ready for action. Use filtered (or bottled) water and fill the little can that came with the machine to the marker. I always go for the 2 cup marker. Unscrew the top and pour in the water and tighten the top again. Then fill the little coffee filter cup to the upper marker, using a little spoon and tighten the coffee by slightly pushing it down until firm. With a push up and twist, firmly put the coffee handle in place. Follow the machine’s instruction for this part. Turn on the power switch.

Steam that delicious milk foam

Expert Tip: As you become a master brewer, you’ll find it much easier to steam your milk while the coffee is half way dripping from the filter. This way you don’t have to run a second cycle just to steam the milk.

Mix the perfect mocha latte

Now pour your milk with that delicious foam into a big nice cup, add the coffee and any of your favorite flavors to it and enjoy the best brew you’ve ever had. Traditionally, an espresso is just a shot of coffee, no milk. Cappuccino is adding a small portion of milk with more foam, and a latte has more milk with little foam.

But at the end it only matters what you like, so happy steaming and mixing until you find your own special brew.

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