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Dress Code Business Casual Or Smart Casual

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Dress Code Business Casual

Smart casual dressing better known as business casual, is usually the preferred dress code, at least for most professional environments like an office, symposiums, academia, trade show and some school activities.

The function of a dress code business casual is to make the person look well groomed, in style and professional, but in a just a bit more relaxed environment. However, keep in mind that when in doubt, the rule is to over dress. There is a fine line to be walked, because you might intimidate people by over dressing too much, or look too average by under dressing.

Dress Code For Men – Shirts And Jackets

Smart casual or business casual dress for men is a clean, ironed shirt with a collar (like a polo shirt or a button down) and an optional jacket if the weather permits. Another point to remember is that business casual usually means no tie. A light sweater with collar can substituted for the shirt. Choose a plain, unobtrusive color over a pattern, as they are less distracting.

Pants And Trousers

Smart casual pants for men should be either khakis or chinos that are cleanly pressed. They can be in any color (as long as its not too over the top), but black or tan are the preferred colors. Jeans are definitely not an option unless you know the group attire beforehand.


Forget about slippers and sandals. Business casual shoes for men are dress shoes, either brown or black but sometimes grey, clean and polished. And remember to never wear tennis shoes.

Dress Code For Women – Blouses And Jackets

Smart or business casual dress for women is a little more flexible than it is for men. Tops can include blouses, stylish knit tops, a nice sweater, or even classic sleeveless tops with a cardigan or jacket. Be sure to evaluate the balance between too sexy and professional.

Skirts And Pants

When choosing smart or business casual bottoms, women should wear khakis or black dress pants, knee-length skirts, or pant suits. Again, jeans are definitely not an option. When showing legs, you should wear nylons or stockings.


For shoes, women would do best to wear either dressy flats or mid to low heels. Sometimes, chic boots can be worn as long as they have a spght heel.

In Short

The thing to remember about dressing business casual is that it should be modest and neat in appearance, but comfortable and not over done. If unsure, check out the crowd you want to fit in and adjust accordingly.

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