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Erotic Adult Movies For Women?

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adult movies for women

Adult movies for women – Really?

Let’s just pretend a scene: A gorgeous, natural blond-haired beauty standing on a ladder painting the walls of their home and marked down with colorful paint. She looks quite helpless. Her long bare legs disappear under a white shirt while painting. The scene begs for one to step up and finally gets his hands-on work started, and we certainly don’t talk about wallpaper.

Help is at hand in the form of a well-built friend who obviously knows exactly what to do. Close-up. We see a lot of hands on bare skin and otherwise everything important that goes with it. Including stamina. What is missing are close-ups of private parts from every conceivable angle and lustful glances into the camera.

Women want it authentic

Why? Because women are silly and romantic says Sandra Brancheninsiderin Maravolo, managing director of Inside Her in Frankfurt. Most important for women is that the desire for sexual acts are authentic and not staged for the camera. The new motto is “Heart Core” instead of “Hard Core”, where couples appear with more erotic and passion and less of hard work.

Women want to be free

Research has shown that the subject sex and adult industry in modern society has found it’s acceptance and is no longe considered taboo. Women are more open to erotica, sex toys and sexual adventures and pretty much broken the old social constraints. Recent studies have shown that 90 percent of women acknowledge their sexuality and desires, not inhibited to ask for satisfaction. 70 percent enjoy to display their bodies and 65 percent don’t feel any social pressures to fit into a paradigm.

Women fantasize

An astounding 81 percent of women explained that their fantasy included some degree of loss of control, while 66 percent envision to submit themselves entirely to their partners. This would explain why sexual arousal is based on mental connection, power and trust for most women. In case you’re a man reading this, keep this in mind the next time you like to seduce your partner to watch a porn movie with you.

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