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How to look good from behind

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nice panties

For years, my drawer has been stacked with regular cotton panties, pretty much covering my butt cheeks and leaving a line barely visible thru some of my pants. I’ve been wearing cotton shorts for ages because they are comfortable, not really aware that my behind is showing panty lines, hence I neglected my “not so cracky” butt. When life is comfortable and easy, I tend to get a bit sloppy, admitting.

The Switch

In addition I figured that thongs would be uncomfortable and avoided them in favor of cotton briefs. Unconsciously, I didn’t want to get used to something new.

Until I discovered the Never Say Never Cutie Thong from Cosabella, and now I’m hooked. What a difference it has made. I feel more sexy, younger and actually don’t mind anyone looking at my behind. And best of all they feel as comfy after couple of days getting used to them.

What’s your take?

What are you wearing and do you wear them by choice or just by convenience? And do you have a favorite brand you can share with us?

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