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Search Your Soul For Real Life Change

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Soul Searching Deep

At times it seems like we are thrown into situations that we presume are not of our own creation and we find ourselves wondering why. There is a reason for that. One that goes far deeper than just the concept that there is something there for us to acquire.

To be clear. It is ultimately about acquiring something. But at times it’s as well about experiencing something on a much deeper level. I suppose it depends on how meaningful the lesson is that we are indicated to acquire. But there are many times cases in which looking objectively at a situation simply prevent us to take away what we need to. At times we really must allow ourselves to do accurately what we don’t want to do.

Dive deep within and feel it for what it’s worth

Whilst this might not be accurately what you had in mind since you are trying to get away from a situation and create a new set of circumstances, the issue is that you can’t really move on until you fully comprehend why the situation is occurring in the first place. And why not just dive right in?

This might sound rather counter-intuitive, but according to whose rules? According to what definition? When it comes down to it, all of us make up our own rules for this lifetime, whether we like to presume it or not, or we choose to follow the outline that someone else has created for us. And since we have created our lives, we can as well do accurately as we please with them.

The imperative thing is that we find a way to become fully alert of accurately what we are experiencing and why. But so many times we don’t do that. We will find extremely distracted out there known to man to keep ourselves from fully experiencing the reality of things. From eating and drinking, to watching television, to chatting on the phone. To be honest, the issues that we run from the most are accurately defining the issues that we need to go deepest into. What I have come to achieve is that we are all so afraid of feeling the depths of something, whether it is good or bad, because we think it may seal us into the encounter like a box.

In reality, going directly into it is precisely what frees us

There is never anything wrong with feeling. We are feeling human beings. That’s our nature, and to deny that is to deny our extremely human nature. As human beings, we have got to allow ourselves to fully encounter all that our lives must propose, whether that be for better or for worse. By not allowing that for ourselves, we are only short-altering ourselves. We may miss out on the true beauty that lies within, or on the other side of what now appears to be a issue if we navigate to work our way through it. In reality, it’s really a blessing in disguise, even if we don’t see it at the time. It is far better to try looking for for the blessing rather than just seeing the issue.

But the only way to find the good in the situation is to allow ourselves to fully explore it. Once we finally allow ourselves to do that (and it may not be a quick process, but well worth the journey) and we get through it, we will never ever deal with it again in the same manner as such a painful encounter. This is when you can fully let it go, and your life truly starts to difference for the better.

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