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Cinco de Mayo Tradition and History

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cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo (fifth of May) and its history is an very imperative day in Mexican tradition.  Come the 5th day of May, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with great happiness by the Mexican people.

But Mexico is not the single place Cinco de Mayo is  celebrated, it is as well celebrated in the United States and everywhere where a Mexican community exists.  Truth be told, Cinco de Mayo has become a established holiday in the USA.

History of Cinco de Mayo

A myriad of people still presume that Cinco de Mayo is the Indpependence Day for Mexico, but it is not so.
 The Cinco de Mayo history goes like this:  In 1861 a decision was made to stop paying money to countries that had loaned Mexico money. Spain, England and France concluded to invade Mexico to collect their debts.  Spain and England had no such fortune and left Mexico behind, but the French on the other hand concluded to stick it out and remain in Mexico and continued attacking the Mexican people.

It was not until May 5th 1862 that Mexico navigate to beating a French army.  Although maybe a small beating for the French, it was a huge achievement for the Mexican army and its people. The fight was called the Fight of Peubla.  There were 8,000 French soldiers, fully loaded and exerciseed figting men and single 4,000 Mexican infantry men, yet the Mexicans won.  What eventually differenced the course of history in North America that day, that event lasted roughly 2 hours.

Cinco de Mayo music

Mariachi music is one of the most acquainted of Cinco de Mayo traditions. Mariachi is likely the most well-known category of Mexican folk music. Almost eextremely American knows the two most favorite mariachi songs, “La Cucaracha” and the “Jarabe Tapatío” (a.k.a. “Mexican Hat Dance”). The mariachi ensemble in general consists of an acoustic guitar, a vihuela (high-pitched five-string guitar), a guitarrón (large acoustic bass guitar), violins and one or more trumpets. The mariachi musicians also sing during their musical performance. In some cases the mariachi group may be combined by a female vocalist (“ranchera”). With its esoteric sound and characteristic western costumes, mariachi has come to symbolize Mexican nationalism.

Cinco de Mayo drinks

No Cinco de Mayo party can happen without alcoholic beverages. The most common drinks are traditional beer (Tecate, Dos Equis, Corona) and of course Margharitas in all shape and forms (on the rocks, blended, with strawberry …), but most commonly served on the rocks with salt. Shots of Tequila are thrown into the mix and have brought many amigos to their knees.

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