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What to do on Valentines Day with a Date

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Valentines Day with a Date

Your dating someone either just recently or even for a while and Valentines Day comes up. You wonder what’s there do to with a date on Valentines Day? What are some of the Valentines day ideas with a rather fresh relationship.

I mean, it’s a fine line to be walked. Assuming you haven’t exchanged any love words (otherwise you’d not be dating but rather in a relationship), you got to acknowledge the special day and not treat it as just another date.

A Fine Line He Walks

On the one side, he wants his date to feel special, make the experience romantic and with that let her know that she means a world to him and that he likes her a lot. If he ignores it, she will feel the relationship is not going anywhere and he may jeopardize the future with that person. But at the same time he doesn’t want to come full force, talking about love and the future, assuming they’re not at that level yet.

So what’s there to do on Valentines Day that doesn’t feel like running the door in, yet is special enough to make he date feel good? If you’re in that camp, read on, we have five ideas on what do do with your date on Valentines Day.

Get her a flower bouquet

I know, a flower bouquet is so special (not), but seriously, it’s what most men give to their special ones. The detail her to observe is the card that goes with the bouquet. Instead of a card full with love, go with something more down to earth, like tell her how much fun you have with her, how much you enjoyed the time together.

Take her to the Zoo

A trip to the zoo can be fun and an experience she will remember. Girls talk with other girls about their dates, and undoubtedly about the Valentines Day experience you had. Having had a romantic walk thru the zoo is definitely something special she can talk about.

Cook a meal at your or her home

Prepare a nice meal with wine and candle light and invite her over. Or if circumstances demand, cook it at her home. Just make sure you bring all the ingredients. And she might even offer to help, if it’s only to taste the goodies. In any case, you’re in for an evening you both won’t forget.

Give her a massage

Get some good smelling massage oil, light your incense and candles and put some tantric music on and give her a great massage. Some swear that this Valentines gift leads to other activities that benefit the both of you.

Compose and burn a CD

If none of the other ideas fit your schedule (can’t be the budget for sure), you might consider a compilation of romantic songs and burn it onto a CD. Then use your PC and print out a nice cover and voila, a very special, custom make CD.

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