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How Do You Know He’s In Love With You

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Any woman who has spent time with a new guy will attest that men can be quite mysterious, and we have asked us: How do I know he is in love with me? How can I tell he’s into me? Sometimes it’s hard to read a man and we think we know what he’s feeling and then suddenly he’ll do something that suggests otherwise. Part of this process is to understand how men think.

Consider the following scenario. Ever since you met it has been great, however the thought of getting back together with his ex is the furthest thing from his mind. Instead, he is consumed by thoughts of you. You just pop into his head for no reason, and he wonders if you think of him half as much as he thinks of you. He wonders what you’re up to and even considers calling you. He sees something in a store window and thinks about how much you would like that particular piece, or he notices a poster for a show that you would love.

He can’t stop thinking about you

If you are the last thing on his mind before he goes to sleep and the first thing on his mind when he wakes up — and he has even dreamed of you on a couple of occasions — then you don’t even need to read on to know if he is in love (but should anyway, just to be sure). A man in love wants nothing more than to be with the woman he adores. He’ll move his schedule around, he’ll drive across town and he’ll linger until the extremely last minute, if he’s into you.

He cares about you

There is a reason why he does not really want to know too much about the girl he had a one-night stand with: he does not love her. When he is in love with a woman, he wants to know all about her: who she is, what she thinks, what makes her laugh. He truly cares about you and your feelings. If he returns your phone calls immediately, calls to check up on you or simply can’t get enough of you, he has the hearts for you. Most of us have struggled with comprehending what phone calls mean but the rules are quite straightforward. If you never hear from him unless you pick up the phone to call him, he’s nowhere near in love with you (yet). If he truly loves a woman, he feels bad if you had a bad day or is upset about something. He does not try to cheer you up because he has to, but because he can’t help it. He will get out off the bed to bring you a bagel in the mid night because you are hungry.

He finds your quirks charming

When you are eating, you can’t help but construct every forkful so that it’s the perfect blend of ingredients fills you with an inexplicable feeling of happiness. You do and say things that make you different, and he likes it. He can’t quite put his finger on why, but it doesn’t even matter. He likes you just the way you are.

He has great chemistry

He can’t be in love with someone that he has no chemistry with. If he seems to always be on the same wavelength, and thinks in similar ways, that’s a great sign. If you also generate enough heat to set off a five-alarm fire bell, then she is probably someone that you could fall in love with, if you aren’t there already.

He doesn’t notice other women as much

Although he can’t help noticing a beautiful woman when one walks by, when he’s in love, some of them tend to slip under the radar, while others just pale in comparison to you. Furthermore, he doesn’t seem to be flirting half as much as. He is slowly realizing that you are often the only woman in the room that matters, and for some reason that suits him just fine.

He loves spending time with you

This one is pretty obvious but important nonetheless. He looks forward to seeing you, and doesn’t care much about what the two of you will be doing. Lately, just going for a walk with your sounds like the best way he could possibly spend an evening. Furthermore, when you’re not together, he misses you and wishes you were spending time together.

His mood is influenced by you

He is happy when you are, and he feels blue when you do. His feeling is all around you and about you. Pay close attention to his body language, for example how many times he tries to hold your hand or reaches out to kiss you. A man in love commonly can’t keep his hands off the woman he’s crazy about, even though some men aren’t that comfortable with public displays of affection. If he wants to be close physically with you take that as a reflection of what he feels in his heart.

He doesn’t mind compromising (sometimes)

There was a time when it was his way or the highway, but with you it’s different. Not that you ask him to, but he doesn’t mind missing a night out with the guys to be with you. And he finds himself trying to incorporate you into his plans or altering them to accommodate you. He also finds himself not putting up a fight when you want to go to Shakespeare in the Park. Although his friends find this very amusing, he knows that deep down, they wish that they had found a love like his.

Other priorities take a back seat

He used to train religiously, but lately, if you are free for dinner, he doesn’t mind missing a workout. Not only that, but his workaholic tendency of bringing home his work on weekends to get ahead seems a bit excessive to him as of late. His ever-important “to do” list seems quite stagnant these days, as being with you always manages to render his other plans and obligations obsolete. What was it that he absolutely had to do by four o’clock again?

He starts thinking about the future with you’re in it

It used to be that the future with a woman meant his date on Saturday night, but with you, the future seems infinite. Not only plan to see you this weekend, but he wants to see you a year from now as well. When planning his next vacation, he knows he wants to spend it with you, and not a random beach bunny he happens to meet while he’s there. And when he gets an invitation to a wedding that takes place three months from now, he asks you to be your date without thinking that it’s too far away to tell if you’ll still be together.

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