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What Types Of Men Are Attractive To Women

men attractive to women

Two important aspects of American society’s definition of manhood are financial success and masculine personality attributes such as confidence and determination. Both have been found to affect woman’s romantic attraction to men.

Lack of research in platonic relationships

However, relatively little research has been conducted on friendships between women and men. Although some studies have examined the effects of masculine and feminine personality traits on both platonic and ones with romantic attraction, none to date have examined the effect of financial success on ...

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How Do You Know He’s In Love With You

Any woman who has spent time with a new guy will attest that men can be quite mysterious, and we have asked us: How do I know he is in love with me? How can I tell he’s into me? Sometimes it’s hard to read a man and we think we know what he’s feeling and then suddenly he’ll do something that suggests otherwise. Part of this process is to understand how men think.

Consider the following scenario. Ever since you met it ...

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