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3 Tips For Returning Gifts

Holiday Gift Returns

Returning gifts is mostly an unpleasant subject, because we don’t want to offend the person who gave it to us. But chances are big that the taste is just different, the size doesn’t match or we already have the same or a similar product.

Lots of givers are anticipating this and request a “gift receipt” when they buy the goods. Giving a gift receipt allows the recipient to return the item and exchange it for something else without hassle. But what if you’ve got a gift without receipt and you really don’t want the giver to know you returned it?

Here are ...

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8 Hookup And Dating Tips

It’s vacation time and so romantic around Santa Clause and Christmas. What better time to go on a date or hookup with some good looking gem across the room.

Dating is combined with lots of excitement, but also some fear. Going into it prepared makes you more secure and self confident, and let’s you enjoy the whole dating process a lot more.

With our tips 8 hookup and dating tips under your belt, go out and have a blast.

Initiate the conversation

I know it takes a bit of guts to walk up and talk you to your crush. But taking that first step ...

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Search Your Soul For Real Life Change

At times it seems like we are thrown into situations that we presume are not of our own creation and we find ourselves wondering why. There is a reason for that. One that goes far deeper than just the concept that there is something there for us to acquire.

To be clear. It is ultimately about acquiring something. But at times it’s as well about experiencing something on a much deeper ...

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How to look good from behind

For years, my drawer has been stacked with regular cotton panties, pretty much covering my butt cheeks and leaving a line barely visible thru some of my pants. I’ve been wearing cotton shorts for ages because they are comfortable, not really aware that my behind is showing panty lines, hence I neglected my “not so cracky” butt. When life is comfortable and easy, I tend to get a bit sloppy, ...

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Which Futures Contract Is Most Effective to Trade?

From the beginning, I have got to state that there are no e-mini contracts that are “easy” to trade. Some contracts have esoteric advantages and disadvantages that make them attractive to each own and individual e-mini trader. Some contracts are especially complicated for new traders, in particular the ES contract.

S&P Mini Futures (ES)

The ES contract is the largest traded futures contract on the Chicago Mercantile exchange and is populated by ...

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Cut the cable and enjoy free television

Getting tired of ever growing cable bill? Remember the days we got a full lineup for about 30 bucks? Long gone!

With the move away from analog tv signal to a full digital lineup, it’s now possible to receive clean, over the air HDTV. Playing with the idea to toss out the cable box and cancel the cable subscription seems so tempting. The confusion  (and sometimes frustration) comes into play where ...

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Penny Stock Market Explained

The Penny Stock Market

The penny stock market consists of stocks that are traded for less than five dollars. To pick a winner you need to find stock that is above one cent. If you see that there are stocks for less than a cent, you shouldn’t invest. In the penny stock market, any thing less than a penny isn’t worth investing. You will never gain anything from a stock under ...

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E-Mini Trading: Learning to Trade in the Channel

When to actively trade e-minis

It is commonly viewed as unwise to dabble with trading e-mini contracts when they are in a consolidation channel. By and large, that this is some good guidance because trading in channels can be treacherous and result in substantial losses. As longtime traders though we relish the opportunity to channel trade e-mini contracts.

First and foremost, it is necessary to evaluate the type of channel that has ...

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Trading E-Mini Gold Futures Day And Night

For you folks who work all day and would like to augment your earnings with some “work” at night, in your undies or pajamas, read on.

Working at night takes on a whole new meaning when buying and selling gold futures after hours. Futures trading occurs 24 hours a day, 5 1/2 days a week. There is only one really bad trading day, and that is Saturday. And that’s because the ...

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How To Choose The Best Online Stock Broker

Many Brokers, Few Good Ones

Online brokers have an important role to play when you open an online trading account. Each broker can offer different services and features and you must research all the online brokers to find the best broker to meet your needs.

Brokerage rates are the rate at which you are charged for buying and/or selling through your online account. These rates are usually charged based on a sliding ...

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