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Trading E-Mini Gold Futures Day And Night

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For you folks who work all day and would like to augment your earnings with some “work” at night, in your undies or pajamas, read on.

Working at night takes on a whole new meaning when buying and selling gold futures after hours. Futures trading occurs 24 hours a day, 5 1/2 days a week. There is only one really bad trading day, and that is Saturday. And that’s because the market is drop dead.

Why choose gold futures?

In a nutshell, liquidity. Or in other words, how fast you convert from being in a position to being back to cash. Literally thousands of gold futures contracts exchange hands every day so you will not be “in it for the long haul.” Lets talk specifics. Gold futures trade roughly 200,000 contracts daily. That’s good volume and provides the liquidity needed to get in and out of positions quickly. To daytrade gold, you’ll need roughly $1000 per contract. For every tick (price fluctuation) in your direction, you reap $10.00. If that risk / reward ratio seems high, there is an emini gold futures contract for $500, and pays $3.30 a tick. The emini gold futures contract does not have the same heavy liquidity that the gold futures contract does, but it is a slower market for novices first acquireing to trade. Moreover, it gives you a chance to acquire to trade excluding blowing out your account.

At $3.30 a payout, if you have a bad trading day, you might drop $25. Compare that to trading 500 shares of some stock where you could drop a couple thousand. Just to get started trading live, this is a perfect way to get your feet wet excluding losing your shirt. E-mini futures were designed for smaller investors who can not risk a lot of money and who want to have a company excluding a staff, customers, inventory, rent, almost no overhead and can be operated from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is a laptop and an internet association. Trading gold e-mini futures contracts fits the bill precisely. Small startup investment with no long term involvement. So if you are searching for gold, there is no need to pan for it, the glitter is already being haded to you, 24 hours a day.

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