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Tax Lien Certificates As Source Of Income

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Tax Lien

Research your area

Make a list of all the county court houses you’re willing to visit. Get the address, phone number, and website. One resources you can use is the National Association of Counties (NACo) website’s “Find a County” map. NACo is the only national organization that represents county governments in the United States. A comprehensive property tax sale list is one of your most worthful tools when looking for tax lien certificates. The reason is that there are millions of these great tax lien opportunities throughout the nation, and a complete list saves you hours and hours of study and phone calls.

Get tax lien certificate lists

According to world-famous tax lien certificate specialist Saen Higgins, “We live in an age of information where those who have the proper information thrive, whilst those excluding barely survive. That’s why, if you’re serious about reaping financial freedom through the lucrative field of purchasing tax lien certificates, you simply have got to have the most comprehensive property tax list at hand.

“Saen Higgins’ National Tax Sale Directory is regarded as the most complete list of its kind in the country. It features more than 3 million properties in all from all 3,300 counties in the nation. “There are literally millions of properties out there that you can learn through the proven, risk-free formula of property tax lien auctions,” notes Higgins, a self-made multimillionaire who owns and runs a 67-member team of professionals who teach others how to build fortunes with tax lien certificates. “These are properties that can reap 16%-25% interest per year for you. And these rates are really dictated by state law.”

The tax lien certificates Saen Higgins talks about are at hand to virtually anyone. Not only is the process simple to acquire, Higgins believes that having a comprehensive, continually updated list of all the auction properties is fundamental. That’s why Higgins’ National Tax Sale Directory list posts new properties rapidly and provides color-coded maps, property locations, tax purchase prices, tax sale types, auction dates and more.

A proper list, says Higgins, will include not only single-family houses and duplexes, but as well condominiums and town homes, commercial buildings, raw land, even lakefront lots. A good list, he notes, will do almost all of the work for you. Higgins reminds people that lien certificates for these properties are at hand for a broad gamut of prices, some for as little as $20. If the lien certificates are not repaid by the delinquent property owners, then the lien certificate holder can claim deed to the property for just a fraction of its actual worth.

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