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Most Daring Truth Or Dare Questions

truth or dare questions

One of the most standard party games is “Truth or Dare.” The player has to choose between verbalizing the truth, or completing a dare, and they receive points for one or the other.

Whilst there are thousands of truth or dare questions that you can ask players, in this article we’ll outline the top ten most hard truth or dare questions, and what they can in reference to reveal roughly the person.Therefore, Proceed With Caution.

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Flirty Questions & Quotes To Ask On A Date

flirty questions

Flirty questions lighten up the atmosphere with a new date and knowing some flirty quotes will definitely come in handy.

Approaching a women or a men a is not an easy undertaking for some people, but once the ice is broken and a conversation has been established, how to safe is it to throw in some flirting questions? After all, you certainly don’t want to talk about the weather only, because that won’t get you anywhere.

Good flirty questions to ask on a date will keep the conversation interesting and entertaining, but we got to be careful that things don’t turn weird ...

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Most Influential And Life Altering Movies

Pay it forward - The movie

Rarely are we leaving a movie experience that changes our lives going forward, but the few that do deserve a special mention as the most influential and  life altering movies that everyone ought to watch.

We are all human and we all are touched by diverse things that we encounter thru life or that we watch others encounter in the movies.

Here are the most influential movies that you ought to watch.

Pay ...

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Dukan Diet – Does It Work Or Is It A Scam?

Dukan Diet

At a time when the once popular high-protein diet trends appear to have died down in favor of whole grains and balanced meals, the Dukan Diet is gaining steam. Essentially, the French form of the Atkins Diet with modifications, the Dukan Diet is a  reportedly what princess-to-be Kate Middleton is pursuing before her wedding.

The French are at it again with a book called The Dukan Diet, telling the rest of ...

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Cinco de Mayo Tradition and History

cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo (fifth of May) and its history is an very imperative day in Mexican tradition.  Come the 5th day of May, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated with great happiness by the Mexican people.

But Mexico is not the single place Cinco de Mayo is  celebrated, it is as well celebrated in the United States and everywhere where a Mexican community exists.  Truth be told, Cinco de Mayo has become a established ...

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Affordable Exotic Sports Cars

Porsche Boxster S

Searching for affordable sports cars that look exclusive without getting you broke? Those who want to live a life of luxury often find themselves picking out the best affordable sports cars. Finding that fun sports car is easier than ever. Choosing that inexpensive sports car from our list which will provide their drivers with luxury, excitement and quality of well known brands, making this purchase an pleasurable one.

Porsche Boxster

The Porsche ...

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2 Player Drinking Games

Drinking games

These drinking games are not for the boys night out or a wild Superbowl extension, but rather for a funny evening with your date or save a boring evening with your roommate and they will be sure to keep both the entertainment and booze flowing. Especially with the right people, drinking games can be very exciting.

So get your favorite beverage, a comfy seat, your favorite music, a fun partner and prepare yourself to ...

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Song Lyrics & Quotes For Facebook Status

Facebook status quote

Expressing your present mood in your Facebook status message is a cool thing and can often be reflected by the songs you’re listening to. So why not use your favorite song lyrics and quotes for your Facebook status?

After all, our personal mood and the songs we listen to at that time usually go hand in hand and music lyrics are mental clouds we all ride on. Happy, sad, scared or ...

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Dress Code Business Casual Or Smart Casual

Dress Code Business Casual

Smart casual dressing better known as business casual, is usually the preferred dress code, at least for most professional environments like an office, symposiums, academia, trade show and some school activities.

The function of a dress code business casual is to make the person look well groomed, in style and professional, but in a just a bit more relaxed environment. However, keep in mind that when in doubt, the rule is to over ...

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Erotic Adult Movies For Women?

adult movies for women
Adult movies for women – Really?

Let’s just pretend a scene: A gorgeous, natural blond-haired beauty standing on a ladder painting the walls of their home and marked down with colorful paint. She looks quite helpless. Her long bare legs disappear under a white shirt while painting. The scene begs for one to step up and finally gets his hands-on work started, and we certainly don’t talk about wallpaper.

Help is at hand ...

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